Aeon is not a conventional art gallery, rather a space with 3 magical walls ready to wear your art for a couple of weeks (we do not charge for this service). We are especially happy to support young artists organizing their first exhibitions.

If you want to have an opening event, we'll support you throughout the whole process - from exposition to promotion. 

To organize your exhibition at AEON, fill out this simple form to help us understand whether AEON's environment will work for it. If the team decides to host your exhibition, we'll get in touch with you to proceed with the exposition. 

Your work will be showcased at AEON absolutely for free from 2 to 4  weeks. No space rent is charged. 

In case the works are sold, AEON charges 20% from the sales price.

If you decide to make an opening event, we'll offer you a super-friendly payment options with a lot of support included (dissemination and promotion of the event on our Facebook page, printing the exhibition posters, event set-up and support).