An almost impossible combination of an event venue, board game club, co-working space, Chinese tea room, and art gallery topped with unlimited amount of free cookies.

Aeon anti-café opened in 2014 being the first to bring the concept of the 3rd space to Armenia. An alternative creative public space designed for all sort of activities has significantly enriched if not reshaped the local entertainment landscape by offering new dimension for leisure, work and event-making, as well as fresh solutions for non-formal corporate activities.
For already 5 years AEON serves as an experimental platform for our community, as well as for accidental guests looking for an opportunity to share their unique experiences.

Aeon works every day from 12 pm to 12 am, holds its own weekly events - quizzes, film screening, workshops, and hosts those of others; offers free tea, coffee and sweets and other snacks as daily specials. We encourage people to bring their food (and in exceptional cases - also booze) with them.

We have the biggest collection of board games in the city, more than 70 items, to be precise - including the good old Monopoly and Chess, the geeky Settlers of Catan, Dixit, Bang! and many more.

We charge only for the time spent here, which includes access to tea and coffee, snacks, WiFi, laptops, board games, musical instruments, books, scanning, photocopying and printing. Hourly price is AMD 600 per hour/ 12:00-18:00 and AMD 1,000 per hour 18:00-24:00