AEON is a platform for creative ideas and innovation: one of the greatest projects born here is AEON’s annual Hartak Workshop Festival initiated in 2015.

You can join our weekly events and organize your own trainings, screenings, quizzes, concerts etc. AEON team will support you with the logistics, promotion and implementation.

How to organize an event at AEON?

Visit AEON, send an e-mail to, or a message on Facebook. Our managers will get in touch with you, make the reservation and discuss the event details, such as format, arrangements, equipment, catering, expected support, and entrance and payment preferences․

We usually offer  the following payment options: 

- the organizer pays the rent (per hour fee is applied) and the entrance is free;

- the profit from the entrance fee stays with AEON to covers the rent;

- the profit is shared between the organizer and AEON (shares to be agreed on beforehand).