AEON offers a multifunctional space for everyone to enjoy their time. People can play board games, music instruments, read books, work and study or just hangout. Our regular prices are AMD 600 before 6pm and AMD1000 after
Fixed entrance fee is applied for the events.

The irregular prices exist too:

  • 16.7 % (suggested by Pythagoras himself) discount is always there for students
  • 20% discount is available to Couchsurfers and members of WarmShowers.
  • 10% off works for Instagram and FB check-ins, fair and honest TripAdvisor reviews
  • After all we can cut your bill if you are cute or weird enough to win our hearts.

To save your money and extend our time together AEON designed a bunch of packages for different purposes - work and entertainment, groups and individuals:

  • "150" package=AMD 1,500. You can buy this package and pay the daytime hour fee (AMD 600) during evening hours as well in case you stay for 150 minutes=2.5 hours.
  • "Couple" package=AMD 4,000. For loving couples who want to spend as much time together as possible we invented 6-hour package where each pays (but usually the guy pays :D) AMD 2,000 only. 
  • "Game" package=AMD 2.000-AMD 2.700 depending on number of people (from 4 to 9 and more). Best for big groups who want to stay half day and pay less. Usually popular with birthday people or gamers who stay long and come with a group. At least 4 guests (AMD 2700 per person for 6 hours). From 5 to 8 guests AMD 2400 per person and 9 and more 2000 per person. 
  • "360" package=10,000 at a time. This is especially convenient for freelancers who don't want unlimited package but want to try AEON for cheaper than usual price. By paying AMD 10,000 at once they get 40% discount any time they come: thus they pay AMD 360 during daytime and AMD 600-in the evenings.
  • "Unlimited" package=AMD 24,000. Those who can't get enough of AEON and care for saving their money are suggested to take an unlimited package and come wherever they want and stay as much as they want. This is convenient for freelancers, small offices, or just "aeon citizens", as we call them. The package is valid one month.

Besides the mentioned packages we would be happy to shape your own individual package based on your preferences. AEON is flexible and customer-focused so we always find the best solution together.